Mobile Residential Locksmith

  • Emergency Open-ups (Lockout)
  • Drilling and Prepping for New Locks
  • New Lock Installation
  • Lock Repair
  • Rekeying (matching keyways for single key use, or staggering security levels)
  • Resetting Garage Door Remotes and Keypads
  • Electronic Locks

Mobile Residential Locksmith services we provide can match your existing lock by manufacturer, style, function, and finish. Whether you need a new mailbox lock, a different key to operate your home, updated and more secure locks, or service for binding keys... we can accommodate your needs.


Just moved into a new home or apartment? Keep yourself and your home secure by having your locks rekeyed.

Door alignment issues

Alignment issues are the main reasons why latches and bolts fail. There are several causes: improperly drilled holes, incorrectly positioned strike and latch plates, sagging hinges, bowed doors, excessive gap between the door and frame, or just settling from age. Make sure your alignment is good, as this can cause broken keys, broken latches and bolts, and damage electronic locks.

Latch replacements

Latches typically wear out before the rest of the lock, usually preventing the door from being opened. Kwikset latches fail most often and this is typically due to design flaws and alignment issues. Standard entrance locks use latches with an additional dead-latch mechanism. This piece is should rest on the latch plate, while the primary latch extends inside the plate. If both latches go inside the plate, they can be manipulated to open the door, and they also bind against the back of the latch plate from the pressure of the door. This is what causes the latch to fail within a few years. Don't get locked inside your own house. If your latch is starting to fail, it's time to replace it.
We stock replacement latches for Kwikset, Baldwin, Schlage, Yale, and Master Lock.

Bolt replacements (for deadbolts)

Bolts don’t fail nearly as often, however, alignment issues are the top reason they do. Alignment is especially critical when they are operated by electronic components. Smooth action is required for the small motor to throw and release the 1” lock bolt. Too much binding can prevent the lock from fully engaging/disengaging, overclocking the motor, wear down batteries, and eventually breaking the lock.

Replacement Locks:

  • Knobs (entrance, privacy, passage)
  • Levers (entrance, privacy, passage)
  • Deadbolts
  • Padlocks
  • Lock Cylinders

Mailbox locks

USPS can typically replace cluster box locks, but oftentimes the wait is in excess of two months. Stand-alone mailboxes are outside of the scope of USPS and often require specialized locks, or modifications to the locking cam to work properly.
Furthermore, many cluster boxes are susceptible to manipulation. This is not the fault of the lock, but rather the shape of the hole in the compartment door. We also install specialized locks to prevent brute force attacks. Call today and have a new mailbox lock installed today!


If you've just moved in to a new house or business location, you should absolutely have your locks rekeyed. There's no knowing who has keys attached to the previous owners. Friends, ex's, distant family members, various workers. Rekeying your locks gives you sole access. Standard 5-pin Kwikset locks allow for 7,776 possible key changes (about 5,000 or so usable codes) and Schlage's standard 5-pin allows for 100,000 possible key changes (around 80,000 or so usable codes).

Rather than replacing a functional lock, the combination can be changed. This is a more cost-effective way to regaining access to the door and regaining key control. Typically, residential locks should be keyed alike. This allows you to use a single key to operate all the locks. Bedroom locks would be the common exception to this. But when you have dog sitters, caretakers, or Airbnb situations, you may consider keying the lower lock (knob, lever, or handle) to a different combination than the deadbolt. This gives you sole control over the deadbolt, which is the primary security of the door (if one is present).
The most common reasons you would rekey a lock would be for:

  • Lost or stolen keys
  • Staff turnover (caretaker, maid, nanny)
  • Evictions
  • Estates
  • Binding keys (worn keys and lock pins)
  • New property lease or purchases

Mobile Residential Locksmith Inventory:

  • Key-in-knob locks (Brass, Antique Brass, Silver)
     - Entrance function
     - Privacy function
     - passage function
  • Key-in-lever locks (Brass, Antique Brass, Silver)
    - Entrance function
    - Privacy function
    - Passage function
  • Deadbolt locks
  • Gate locks
  • Patio door and Sliding door locks
  • Padlocks
  • Garage door locks
    - T-handle
    - L-handle
    - Knob
    - Lever
    - Deadbolt
  • File cabinet, desk, drawer locks
  • Replacement cylinders for knobs, levers, mortise locks, gates, and patio doors
  • Mobile Residential Locksmith

Mobile Residential Locksmith

Special Orders:

Need a special finish, style or function? Any Items not normally stocked typically arrive within 5-business days.