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Orions Key Commercial Locksmith. New Businesses and Employee turnover are certainly the most common reasons to have your locks rekeyed or re-Master-keyed. Lost or stolen keys can happen as well, though. Commercial locks are typically more expensive than residential locks. They are made of higher quality materials, have more secure internal locking mechanisms, and are built to withstand greater use. You don't always have to replace the lock to regain security, in fact, you seldom have to when the issue is solely related to key control.

Aside from rekey and master rekey services, we provide new locks, bolts and latches, indicator locks, and many other types of locking devices. We also service panic bar assemblies and store front locking devices.

There are Various lock functions and these should be in-line with your specific requirements for each door.

Entrance locks

Entrance Locks allow you to change the status of the lock (unlocked, locked but unlocked with key, locked and remains locked after the key is removed).

Storeroom locks

Storeroom Locks typically remained locked with the handles rigid at all times. The key will retract the latch when inserted and turned, but will go back to being locked once the key is removed. A clutched handle allows for free range of motion, without actuating the lock. Clutched locks are more resistant against wrenching attacks.

Privacy locks

Privacy Locks are most commonly installed on bathroom doors, though many businesses benefit from using Entrance or Storeroom locks for their restrooms. A privacy lock doesn't have a keyed cylinder, but rather a slot or hole that either a small pick or screwdriver can be used to easily unlock the door.

Passage locks

Passage Locks have a latch to secure the door to the frame, but no mechanism exists within them to prevent anyone from operating the door. These locks are commonly used on rooms that anyone is allowed to enter. These may be appropriate for break rooms, some meeting rooms, and closets that don't contain valuable or restricted items. They're meant simply to keep the door closed, but not to secure in any way.

Deadbolt Locks

Many types of deadbolt locks exist, but the most familiar form are the single sided deadbolts and double sided deadbolt locks. A Double sided deadbolt has a keyed exterior and a thumb-turn on the interior. Anyone can lock or unlock the bolt from the interior. The Double sided deadbolt requires a key to lock and unlock it from either side. The advantage here is control over who can change the locking status of the deadbolt, and consequently, the door.

For Residential Applications, double sided locks are seen as a Life Safety concern. Needing a key to exit your house in a fire emergency can cost lives.

For Commercial Applications, the opposite is typically true. Only employees with keys can lock or unlock the door and the door must remain unlocked when customers are in the store. This prevents a person from accidentally or intentionally locking everyone inside the building.

Store Front locks usually have a deadbolt as well. These are typically mortised locks, with either a swinging long bolt, a shorter hooking bolt, or a latch with a second dead latching feature. Sometimes these doors will also have concealed vertical locking rods to secure the door at its header and threshold. These are narrow style locks and often limit the options for hardware.

Issues with Storefront Locks

Common problems for these doors are: sticking bolts, binding keys, worn vertical rods, and failing panic bars.

Sticking Bolts:

Most storefront mortise locks just need to be adjusted properly and lubricated to regain correct function, but they wear out as well. We can adjust your locks, or replace with new swing bolts, hook bolts, or dead latches.
Binding keys can have a few causes: worn keys, copies of copies, worn pins, master-wafer issues, and aluminum locks are the most common reasons.

Worn Keys:

As the keys wear, or are incorrectly copied, they don’t align with the key pins as they should, and these pins get stuck in the cylinder and plug chambers. This can further wear down the keys, pins, or bend and break the keys.

Worn Vertical Rods:

There are many different styles and internal configurations for these rods. Some are external, others are concealed. Some rely on action of your key to directly translate the motion of the cam to raise and lower these bolts. The last type are the most prone to failure. These can often be serviced and corrected, but generally, replacement is recommended. There are a number of ways in which these rods fail, sometimes preventing you from accessing the door, and sometimes allowing anyone to pull it open. When the top (header bolt) rods fail, they usually fail to lock into the header. When the lower (threshold bolt) bolt fails, it either prevents the door from opening, or prevents the bolt from seating in the post hole in the threshold. On many French style store front door, these bolts are the only locking mechanisms to secure the door.
Panic bar assemblies can fail in a number of ways. Some of the most common problems are: the dogging assembly can strip out, the latch or Dead-latch can fail, alignment issues can prevent the door latch from closing, and vertical rod issues.

Orions Key Commercial Locksmith Services

  • Lockouts
  • Re-key and master re-key
  • Key-in-knob locks (Grade 1 & 2)
    – Entrance function
    – Store room function
    – Privacy function
    – Passage function
  • Key-in-lever locks (Grade 1 & 2)
    – Entrance function
    – Store room function
    – Privacy function
    – Passage function
  • Deadbolt locks ( Grade 1 & 2 )
  • Narrow stile store front locks
  • Panic bars
  • Occupancy Indicators
  • Exit Paddles
  • Mail box locks
  • File cabinet locks
  • Rim cylinders
  • Desk locks
  • Replacement lock cylinders
    – Key-in-knob
    – Key-in-lever
    – Mortise
    – Exit device
    – Rim

Special Orders

Need a special finish, style or function? Any Items not normally stocked typically arrive within 5-business days.

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